Company Wellness Programs

The Wellness Institute offers customized corporate programs based on the unique needs of your organization. We work with small businesses and large firms.

Work-Well Programs
These are organizational corporate programs for the entire workforce.

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Manage-Well Programs
These are company wellness programs geared towards an organization’s leadership or management team.

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Wellness-Spring, the company’s health and wellness store, offers organic, natural, and paraben-free products.

A portion of the proceeds is donated back to causes that support  women, children, health, wellness and education.

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The Wellness Institute and
Wellness-Spring are proud to launch our holistic health & wellness campaign:
"A Generation of Wellness"

View our generational campaigns:
"The Grape Seed"
Gen X "Wildflowers"

Gen Y "Wyld Berries"
Gen Y "Peabody"
Gen Z "Sweet Pea"
Gen Z "Sprouts"
Generation "Baby Boomer"


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