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Today is August 30th 2012 and I am 20 weeks pregnant this week.  When I went to my obstetrician on August 16th, he said that I seemed further along due to the size of my abdomen.  I had fibroids which was the cause of the larger abdomen.  He mentioned that the largest one (based on what he felt) was the size of a large orange.  I shared with him that my gynecologist who did my annual pap smears for 6 years diagnosed my fibroids a few years back.  However, the fibroids were tiny at that time…just millimeters long.  My obstetrician said that many fibroids tend to grow during pregnancy, and then shrink after pregnancy.  When I found out that I had fibroids a few years back, I was alarmed, but my gynecologist told me back then that it would not have any effect on conceiving, so we knew that it wasn’t an issue if I decided to become pregnant.

Today, I was scheduled for a detailed ultrasound for several reasons:
1) I was 20 weeks pregnant and it was time for my 2nd trimester perinatal screening
2) To check on the status of the fibroid
3) To find out the baby’s gender

My husband and my son went to the ultrasound appointment with me.  Great news:
1) The baby is developing properly, we saw all of the body parts, the heart, the spine J
2) I am definitely due on January 14, 2013
3) My fibroid is 5 centimeters, but it is not obstructing anything, so it is okay
4) We are having a baby girl!
5) I have to go back for another ultrasound in 8 weeks because I may have a placenta previa issue, although a lot of times, the placenta does move.

I am relieved that we got the ultrasound done.  I didn’t realize how nervous my husband was about today’s appointment.  He confessed that he didn’t sleep well last night because he was concerned about the baby and my health (because I am approaching 40).  Maybe it’s because I told him that I experienced some sudden shaking of my left arm and left hand.  I remember feeling tired, and so I just rested, and the shaking stopped.  I don’t want him to be worried.  Anyway, we are happy that the baby is doing fine.  More updates to come!

(Wellness Adventures by Edna Dimataga-Fernandez, 8/30/2012)

Pregnant at 39 story to be continued…


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