How healthy is your make-up?


Paraben-free mineral make-up promoted by Wellness-Spring ~ Photo credit: Emily Datu

Contributing writer: Emily Datu
Date: June 8, 2014

The trend today is all about natural, organic products and living a healthy life-style. From healthy eating to working out, to using healthy make-up and skincare…all of these things play a big impact on our daily life.

Did you know that even small adjustments can significantly impact our overall health?  I started to practice a holistic lifestyle because I wanted to feel good “inside and out”, and that includes what I wear, what I eat, and what I put on my skin. The Wellness Institute helped me realize that I am capable of living a healthy a lifestyle through a holistic approach.

LIVE FREE, LIVE HEALTHY! Photo credit: Emily Datu

, the company’s wellness store, offers products that are gentle on the skin, yet brings out our natural beauty. The paraben-free mineral make-up not only contains natural ingredients, but it also achieves the same finish as other makeup products. It’s also very cost-effective…a little product goes a long way!

The Wellness Institute & Wellness-Spring invites women of all ages to feel good in their own skin!


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Wellness-Spring, the company’s health and wellness store, offers organic, natural, and paraben-free products.

A portion of the proceeds is donated back to causes that support  women, children, health, wellness and education.

Click here to browse through our products. Visit our product site at: www.wellness-spring.org


The Wellness Institute and
Wellness-Spring are proud to launch our holistic health & wellness campaign:
"A Generation of Wellness"

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